It was established more than 40 years ago and today it remains as the only 24 hours fruit market in South Africa situated in Venda, Tshakuma Limpopo Province, 17km west of Thohoyandou on the Road to Makhado (louis trichardt).

Tshakhuma Fruit Market

Facts about the Tshakhuma Fruit Market:

1. There are about 280 fruit Traders in this Market with all of them being women aged from 41 to 80 years old.

2. Fruits sold are bananas, oranges, avocados, nectarines, mangos, litchis, pawpaws, tree nuts, macadamias and pecan nuts.

3. No persons from other villages or any other place out of Tshakhuma is allowed to trade in the Market.

4. The Market specializes in selling all different kinds of Fruits even though there are some stall owners who sell vegetable but at a small scale.

5. The main customers of the market are travellers along the Thohoyandou to Makhado (louis trichardt) road using cars, taxis, buses and trucks.

6. The market offers quality fruits as it is near by Levubu farms which constantly supply fresh fruits from their cold storage. This also enable the Tshakhuma Fruit Market to have specific fruits even after their season has passed.

7. There prices are very cheap because the of their supply chain system and there are no discount unless the fruit is aging.

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